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About Chariot Air

The Story

Chariot Air Brunch Experience is a flagship event of St. Michael's Spiritual Church, Inc. of Brooklyn, NY. It began as a spin on the traditional prayer breakfast events that often occur in the faith community.


Participants begin at airport check in, board their flight and arrive at the destination in a series of humorous and fun sequence of events that make for a memorable time spent. So YES, you will take a journey without leaving your city  and YES, you'll have an amazing flight that won't climb physical altitude onboard Chariot Air with its flight crew, airport staff, and tour operators!


Over time, Chariot Air has grown into an initiative to outreach to community, to introduce and reacquaint guests to other cultures around the globe through food, music and interactive performance, and to provide an uplifting Word as we soar to new heights in our personal lives.


This annual prayer brunch features a new destination each year. Some previous destinations were Greece, Dubai, Martinique and Israel. There are so many more to come. Hop onboard and let's fly high in this experiential, delicious, spiritual performance brunch together!

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